About Me


cleaned up and doing some bills


A little bit about me, I am a automotive engineer, I really love what I do, I like working on cars especially old muscle cars, my second favorite activity is watching movies at home with the family. Fishing and camping on the weekends, with the family, when the weather permits.

I really love watching Formula 1 racing!!!!

Just a regular guy I like working on computers as a hobby. Some of my favorite movies are action and adventure, some old movies you know the classic movies. I watch drama and romance movies with my wife and cartoons with the kids when I can get a chance. I made this site myself because I was sick and tired of getting ripped off on all of the so called movie clubs and wanted to share some stuff with everyone. Later on I am going to try and give a review of the movies I like. some of the critics do more criticizing instead of just telling the story is about. We get compensated for our reviews, and we use the products that we review.

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