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Find out some of the behind the scenes look into what goes on in a movie production


Find the best Online Movie Clubs on the internet. These are tried and true and have been tested by our staff and family.

THESE ARE NOT P2P OR FILE SHARING SITES. You wont get in trouble for using these online movies clubs. They are 100% legal movie clubs for your safety and enjoyment.

These sites are 100% legal movie downloads licensed and certified. We recommend these sites and We are members of these sites.


We have two sites that are our favorites and that we recommend as a value for your money sites.

Imovies Club









Full Movies Club







Here is another Movie Club they are a bit more expensive but they have online movies in HDX, HD and standard definition.

There is a huge selection of new movie releases, but like I said if your on a budget this might not be the best choice. I have to say in all honesty that VUDU has new movie releases, movies and new movies online before anybody else. Vudu also has 99cent movie of the day specials, and bundles of movies to watch online. There are also FREE MOVIES ONLINE! so, all in all a pretty good deal and we are a member of one of the best online movie clubs. Like I said its a bit more expensive in some cases but over all a very good bargain. Not to mention they have all of the, best new movie releases, before anyone else so that being said we give our seal of approval for VUDU.

You can watch new movies      on your

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