Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Bonus Zombies Coverage
If you own the BradyGames strategy guide, follow this link to access our expanded Zombies coverage. It includes locations for buildables, Mystery Boxes, Wall Buy weapons, Teddy Bears, Perk-a-Cola machines, and more! Use this as a supplement to the Zombies chapter in our printed guide, and survive the onslaught!
Borderlands 2 Paper Fold Assembly Videos
The Official BradyGames Borderlands 2 Limited Edition Strategy Guide includes paper fold models you can assemble. Check out our tutorial videos on how to fold the Claptrap and Skag models.

Guild Wars 2 Free Crafting Download
Download this FREE PDF to get the lowdown on all the crafting recipes in GW2

Click the link to access a free download of the crafting options available in Guild Wars 2. Use this as a supplement to the Crafting chapter in our print guide. Enjoy!

Now Available – Dishonored Strategy Guide
Strategy Guide Now Available! For more information on the game, visit the Dishonored website.
Dragon’s Dogma Press Release
Indianapolis, IN May 24, 2012, BradyGames is pleased to announce the official Dragons Dogma Signature Series Strategy Guide. View the official Press Release Here.
*International Customers!
Interested in purchasing one of our strategy guides? Visit Don’t forget about the upcoming release of our Diablo III Strategy Guide!

Free L.A. Noire DLC E-GUIDES Now Available!
Download our FREE e-guides to solve the latest DLC cases and find all the hidden collectables for L.A. Noire!

“The Badge Pursuit Challenge”
“A Slip of the Tongue” and “The Naked City”
“Nicholson Electroplating”
“Reefer Madness”
Brady Games

Gears of War 3: Free Multiplayer Beast Mode Maps!
So, you’re playing as the Locust in Beast mode and you want to see what fortifications your AI-controlled COG enemies can build? Download this free Beast mode map supplement to the official strategy guide!

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