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The best way to watch legal online movies.

I found this site, and I am going to tell you where to find it in just a minute, I want to share my story with you.

 Click Here to find out how I view legal online movies and television shows.

I was visiting every site I could think of desperately looking for new legal online movies, or some new DVD releases, maybe even catch up on my favorite television shows that I missed during the week.

Most of the online movie clubs were just WAY to expensive, and did not offer much in return for my hard earned money. I am just a regular guy, with a regular job as a mechanic, and a family so money is pretty tight for me and my wife, and I work some odd hours repairing vehicles for a living.

So I need something that does not cost an arm and a leg for entertainment. My wife and kids always want to watch this and that on the television, and sometimes those new DVD release action movies that I like to watch are not suitable for the kids. My wife wants to watch her lullaby romance movies and television romance serials on the television when the kids go to bed. Hey! now don’t get me wrong I sit there and watch those shows sometimes to keep the wife happy, but I can’t wait until I get online to watch some really great action movies with lots of special effects.


I can keep up with all of my sports and documentaries, and most importantly I keep the wife and kids happy. So we all benefit, AND when there’s nothing to watch on TV Dear ol DAD plugs his laptop in the entertainment system, and the whole family gets to choose from literally thousands of new movies, shows and cartoons that we all enjoy together as a family. Listen when the family is shouting lets go to the movies or let’s go rent some DVDs.

Click Here to find out how I view movies legally

(that’s a nightmare getting out of the house, fighting traffic, and the kids screaming and running around the store arguing over what to watch on the television, and then if you forget to take those rental dvds back you have to spend more moeny in late fees. Oh and not to mention all the cokes, chips and candy that I have to buy at the DVD rental store, so tack on another 40 bucks for all that junk food, we always buy the kids when we rent DVDs, of course Mom and Dad get some junk food to eat also.)

I almost forgot to mention that you can download the movies and burn them to a DVD, you just cant sell the DVDs your burning to disk, or pass those DVDs or pass them out to your friends. This really worked out great for when someone wants to watch a movie and the internet is tied up doing something else.


Stock up on storable, dehydrated food to protect your family for whatever might happen.

I mention to the family that they can watch something new right now, AND NOBODY HAS TO PUT ON THEIR SHOES AND GET IN THE CAR. Whew this saves me a ton of time and money at the end of the month when money is tight and we just don’t have enough for the whole family to go out and spend a couple of hundred dollars at the movie theater.

Were really thinking about canceling our HBO and Showtime on direct tv, and just watching television free of commercials, the movies that we want to watch when we want to watch them. Man this is working out great and I want to share this really really huge site full of Movies and shows that we all missed for one reason or another.


It takes a lot of my personal time to avoid all of those fake sites on the Internet, and trying to keep from getting in trouble with all of the fake sites.

You know it takes me a lot of time, not to mention calling my computer whiz friends just to be able to stay away from all of those fake sites, I take this as seriously as I do with viruses, and malware. Then there is all of the illegal activity taking place on the internet these days. AND don’t forget the legal action taken against you if you get tricked. I just don’t have the money to get out of trouble if I fall victim to some internet tricks. I shudder to think what could happen if we got tricked, and had to hire a lawyer, because we just simply don’t know what kind of dirt bag is trying to trick me and my family.

Well I could go on and on, but just let me say this, we just bought another laptop for the kids with the money we have saved over the last couple of months.

I can also download e-books and audio books which are great for me there is over 45,000 ebooks to read! That should take a while to read all of that lol. You can download the ebooks and audio books to fit any player that you might have, it just works. So for me this online downloads for e-books is a great option. Then you get to listen to a huge collection of online audio books, I love listening to audio books while driving to work or on long trips.

They also have a nice selection of tools to help you with your downloads so that you can burn your movies to DVD.

It, even has a program for printing out labels for the jewel cases so you dont have a stack of DVD´s laying around that you have no idea of what is on them.

Do you like watching SouthPark episodes? I know I do you can down load SouthPark episodes online and view them at your leisure.


Click Here to find out how to view legal online movies.

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Legal Online Movies

Howard here,

Are you sick and tired of looking for great movies online and simply not finding them anywhere?

Does Netflix, Blockbuster and Hulu leave you wanting more?

I am glad you stopped by!

I want to tell you about a really great (and legal) way to watch new and recent DVD releases online for very little money.

This is really an easy, and did I mention legal way to see the movies you want to watch.




Click Here to go to the site

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